B-29 Superfortress
"It's Hawg Wild"

Restored Navigator's Station

This is the Navigators cabinet with the APN-9 loran set in the middle. You can also see the hydraulic tank mounted to the top of the cabinet. The silver box is one of two interphone amplifiers that were used for communication between the crew throughout the ship.

Navigator's seat, showing proximity to gun turret. Note the safety belt to prevent the navigator from being propelled at lethal speed through the tunnel in the event of an explosive decompression in the rear crew area.
The device sitting on the radio operator's table with the red knob is the mount for the astrocompass used by the Navigator in the astrodome.   The front and rear crew compartments are connected by a tunnel approximately 3 feet in diameter that runs through the top of the the bomb bays over the wing spar.  Surprisingly, the navigators astrodome is accessed via the tunnel.  It can be seen at the top of the tunnel opening.  It's Hawg Wild is in need of some serious restoration in this area, but it will happen.

Restored Master Gunner's Station

The Master Gunner sat on a raised swivel-chair and in addition to his own sighting responsibilities he allocated the gun turrets to individual gunners or to himself or to the side gunners or nose gunner, depending on the position of the attacking fighters.

On the right is the view facing aft. The green cylinder just right of centre is the underside of the rear dorsal turret.  The entrance to the tunnel to the forward crew compartment is to the far right of the picture.

Looking up and slightly forward through the port gunner's side blister you see the Master Gunner's sighting blister is just left of centre. On the right is the rear dorsal turret underside and the entrance to the tunnel is on the left.


Looking upwards and aft through the starboard gunner's side blister,
the underside of the rear dorsal turret is just left of center in the roof.