B-29 Superfortress
"It's Hawg Wild"

Restored Flight Engineer Station


On the extreme right hand side of these pictures is the housing below the front dorsal gun turret. This dominates the rear of the compartment and makes the radio operator and navigator stations, on either side of it, very claustrophobic.

In China Lake and Tucson this was not installed and thus the area from the rear pressure bulkhead and the radio operator area clear forward was open.  This became the area I tended to occupy during flight tests.  Not much room side to side but you could walk forward and stand between the pilots.

Flight Engineers window looking out on Engines #3 & #4.

On the floor centre line, beside the flight engineer's seat, is the forward entrance hatch door. 
Access to the aircraft is via the nose wheel bay.  The door is in green in the top of the wheel bay.